Part 7: How the Meal Became the Mass

August 19, 2018

From the series, "Eating & Drinking" as part of Practicing the Way. The Lord’s supper, communion, the eucharist – whatever you call eating and drinking with God, this practice is at the very center of the church. And yet it’s changed over the years. What started out as a full meal, around a table, in a home, with a spirit of gratitude, joy and celebration, has since become a quiet, contemplative, individualistic meditation on our sin and its cost to Jesus. How did this practice evolve? Or devolve? And how could we re-imagine this practice as a meal?


Part 6: Dining Room Table Christianity

August 12, 2018

From the Series, "Eating & Drinking" as part of Practicing the Way. We near the end of our practice of eating and drinking with the third dimension: eating and drinking with God. The Lord’s supper was originally exactly what it sounds like, a supper. A meal around a table with Jesus and his community. This core practice changed the Roman Empire. Could it change our world yet again? 


The Secret of the Easy Yoke

August 5, 2018

From the series, "Gospel of Matthew." As apprentices of Jesus, we are just as capable of following Jesus in some aspects of our lives as we are to completely reject him in others. What does it mean to fully accept the easy yoke Jesus offered?


We’re All Thomas Now

July 29, 2018

From the series, "Gospel of Matthew." In a secular society, doubt is the new normal. But doubt is nothing new; we see it in John the Baptizer, a prophet that Jesus called the greatest man to ever live. And in this story of John’s wrestle with doubt, we see that Jesus’ invitation isn’t to certainty, but to trust.


Dying to Live

July 22, 2018

From the series, "Gospel of Matthew." Jesus warns and encourages his disciples about what will come as they live into his Kingdom mission. What would it look like to live as a disciple, free of all fear, fully alive to his power?


Part 5: How to Become the Happiest Person Alive

July 15, 2018

From the series, "Eating and Drinking" as part of Practicing the Way.  Jesus was the happiest person alive, and he prayed that his apprentices would have “the full measure of my joy within them.” Joy is more than just an emotion; it is an overall condition of the heart. But how do we become joyful people? Through the spiritual discipline of celebration. And the best way to do that is to eat together as a family…


Part 4: Church Around a Table

July 8, 2018

From the series, "Eating and Drinking" as part of Practicing the Way. Long before followers of Jesus ever built cathedrals, they met in homes, around a table, eating and drinking as brothers and sisters. As family. This is a very simple idea that tragically, we’ve lost over the millennia, at great cost to the church. What if we were to recapture the shared meal as the center of gravity in our church?


Postures for Our Time and Place

July 2, 2018

From the series, "Gospel of Matthew." In a post-Christian world, followers of Jesus are not the majority. If we are to reach a world like ours, what posture are we to take? In our time and place, Jesus invites us to follow him and become like him. The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.


Make Room for the New Thing

June 24, 2018

From the series, "Gospel of Matthew." Jesus is proclaiming a gospel where the foundation is on the glory of what God has done, not the righteous effort of man. A religious spirit has no place in his kingdom, he is doing a new thing, offering a new wine. will we value the wine over the wineskin and drink of his new covenant?


Following Jesus and Eating With Sinners

June 17, 2018

From the series "Gospel of Matthew." In this teaching we learn Matthew's origin story and meet the Pharisees at a lively dinner party.