Fasting: Our Relationship to Food, Body, and Image

January 18, 2018

From the series "Fasting" as part of Practicing the Way. How do you fast if you’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food? Listen along as we discuss eating disorders, body image, and Jesus’ call to health and wholeness. We interview a woman who has overcome an eating disorder in her own life and hear how she interacts with fasting now.


Part 1: To Starve the Flesh and Feed the Spirit

January 14, 2018

From the series "Fasting" as part of Practicing the Way. In our hedonistic culture, most over-abused and under-used of all the practices of Jesus is fasting. So many people are confused over what fasting even is, much less the reasons we fast. In Part 1 of our series on fasting, we explore one of three reasons: to starve the flesh and feed the spirit. Fasting, it turns out, is about freedom.


Jesus on Judgement

January 7, 2018

From the series, "Gospel of Matthew." To apprentice under Jesus means to live free from judgement. Jesus knows that the Father will ultimately judge all things. Our posture as apprentices is to embrace others, as well as ourselves, with our true identity: loved children of God. 


God’s Character, Our Confidence

December 31, 2017

From the series, "Gospel of Matthew." Jesus claims that Gods love and care for you can rid you of anxiety. To focus your life on the King and his kingdom, is to live with all that you need.


The Eye. The Heart. The Master.

December 17, 2017

From the series, "Gospel of Matthew." Jesus teaches that whatever we set our hearts on we give power to. That thing will have influence in our lives, and even become our master. But in his great love for us, God invites us to set our hearts rightly, where we will be truly satisfied.


Your Treasure is Doomed

December 10, 2017

From the series, "Gospel of Matthew." In a world of excess, luxury, and the showcasing of possessions, Jesus commands that his disciples choose a lifestyle of simplicity. How do those of us who are rich by a global standard emulate a teacher who was poor? In The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches what it means to reject our deeply held notions of treasure so that we may embody a better way.


Lean Back

December 3, 2017

"A disciple is someone who is leaning back on Jesus, hearing his heartbeat, and from that perspective, looking out into the world.” 

 - Dave Lomas

Dreams: Different, Harder, Longer, Better

November 26, 2017

From the series “Discovering Your Identity & Calling” as part of Practicing The Way. We close out our series with a few thoughts on dreams. God’s people have always been dreamers. And dreams are often God’s catalyst to propel us into his vision for our identity and calling. But when those dreams finally come to pass, they are usually different, harder, and longer… but also better.


The Cost of Fast Fashion

November 19, 2017

Every fall, as people are gearing up for the insanity of Christmas consumerism, we host a lecture around the fashion industry and it’s connection to injustice, environmental harm, and materialism. This year we host Maxine Bédat, the CEO of Zady, a new clothing company challenging the status quo.  Maxine lays out the historical shift from citizen to consumer, and the problems it’s created, as well as solutions for a better kind of world. In a world where over a billion people work on the garment industry, and only 2% of them make a living wage, as the people of Jesus we want to tell an alternative story.


Part 6: How We Change - Intentional Spiritual Formation

November 19, 2017

From the series “Discovering Your Identity & Calling” as part of Practicing The Way. It’s one thing to discover your identity and calling; it’s a whole other thing to actually grow and mature into the somebody who is like Jesus, and in doing so, your real, true self. In this teaching, we end a two-part teaching on the “how-to” of spiritual formation.